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For over 136 years, DPL-US has manufactured and distributed mineral salts and supplied its specialty salts around the globe in the fields of nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and various other industries. As an industry-leading mineral salt manufacturer, we focus on ways to continuously elevate our products, adapt to the ever-changing industries we supply minerals for and work flexibly with our clients to provide custom mineral salts that fulfill their needs.

Our Purpose

DPL-US is a leader in manufacturing and distributing specialty mineral salts. Not only are we a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high purity mineral salts and other custom chemicals for biopharma, nutritional, food, personal care, industrial, and other markets, but we will also manufacture custom mineral salts using your specifications and can modify the physical and chemical parameters of our products to adapt them to your needs.

As the research continues for COVID vaccine creation and distribution, our ingredients become more and more essential, particularly our Biopharma and Biotech minerals. We’re here to help in whatever capacity your research requires.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our customers around the world are completely satisfied with the quality of our products and that we can provide them with the mineral salts that they need. We understand the importance of purity when it comes to the products you use in your research, so our standards are high. That’s why we oversee the whole process from start to finish. Rest assured, our rigorous testing requirements are proven to deliver trustworthy, high-quality products. For instance, in the Specialty Nutrition market, we ensure that our minerals have low heavy metals and low impurities to meet the strictest regulations across the globe. It’s not a coincidence that DPL-US is the world’s leading mineral and metal salt manufacturer.

Our Values

Not only do we strive for perfection when it comes to taking care of our customers, but we also understand that as the industry evolves, so must our products. This is why we have items with animal-free documentation. Additionally, we have green industrial applications; our mineral salts are an alternative option to more environmentally harsh sources of metals. Innovation is at the root of our business and we are constantly looking for new technologies and ingredients that can benefit our customers.

We believe that anyone and everyone should have access to the high value products that we offer for their product creation purposes. We ship worldwide so you can get access to our products, wherever you may be.

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