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Product Engineering

Product Engineering Support Nationwide

DPL-US Uses Specialty Salts Designed for Your Needs

The team at DPL-US, based in Long Island, NY, has created a range of mineral salts designed to support product engineering. Whether you’re looking for support creating an adhesive to use in construction, a bonding agent for biopharma needs, or assistance increasing the efficacy of vaccines in the pharma industries, our products can support you. Our high purity and quality mineral salts are essential to optimizing outcomes when used in highly demanding applications. We have a proven track record of products meeting our client’s needs while working with them to maximize our mineral salt further to support them. If you want to work with a team of highly motivated experts, contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you at each process step to ensure the product we deliver exceeds your expectations.

Scientific Applications of Our Mineral Salts

We designed our mineral salts to provide the highest performance possible when it comes to creating energy stabilizers or optimizing production processes. Our products have the range and ability to be tailor-made to better accommodate our client’s specifications. Some of the industries where our mineral salts would prove beneficial include:

  • Energy – Our mineral salts can help contribute to sustainable energy. We offer high-performing salts as active components, such as thermal energy storage and batteries. Salt can be used as auxiliary material to help optimize specific production processes.
  • Electron Microscopy – A technique designed to obtain ultrahigh-resolution images of materials and the internal structures of cells. Our mineral salt can be utilized in the creation of the required hardware.
  • Microelectronics – A subfield of electronics in which the size of the electronic components is approximately 100 to 0.1 small in magnitude. These electronics’ capabilities are supported by our salts acting as bonding agents and conductors and increasing the efficacy of the required components.
  • Solar Cells & Photovoltaics – Our products have a proven track record as active components in energy-storing devices. Clients can tailor-make their orders to support their desired outcomes better.
  • Construction – The mineral salts we produce are often used as hardening retarders and accelerators in cement and plaster-based systems. The continually changing needs and requirements play an essential role in our flexibility and ability to suit the needs of our clients.

How We Assist the Biotech and Pharma Industries

We understand the demands and requirements placed on the biotech and pharma industries. Our goal is to provide those clients with a flexible salt to support their specialty while meeting the strict requirements for purity and quality. The team at DPL-US will work alongside you to collaborate on a product that will exceed your needs and help you create your product better. Whether you need assistance with a vaccine, nutritional supplement, or a buffer for your bioelectronics, we stand ready to help.

Our Mineral Salt Offers Unrivaled Flexibility

DPL-US has manufactured, refined, and distributed mineral salt and supplied its specialty salts nationwide for over 136 years. We’ve established ourselves as industry leaders through our dedication to providing the highest quality and purity of salt while working with our customers to meet their needs. As the world changes and adapts to new demands and products, our ingredients become more essential to the industries we support. We’re here to help in whatever capacity your research or development requires. Contact us to discuss your requirements and learn how we can help you.