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Personal Care

Leading Cosmetic and Personal Care Ingredient Provider Nationwide

Experience DPL-US’s Dedication to Personal Care

Before DPL-US creates our salt-based ingredients, we consider our client’s requirements and the products it’ll be used for nationwide. This system allows us to manufacture products with specific chemical requirements, using premium materials and meeting rigorous standards. Our cosmetic and personal care products ensure that what we provide good fits your needs. To facilitate this, we subject all our ingredients to testing that verifies they’re suitable for processing by our clients. Contact one of our representatives to start working with us and learn how we can create the perfect salt for you.

How is Mineral Salt Used in Beauty & Care Formulations?

A variety of personal care items contain mineral salts, such as cosmetics and oral hygiene products. These salts are used as skincare agents, humectants, keratolytic agents, and buffers. They help control a product’s viscosity, preserve it, or act as an antiperspirant. You can further break personal care items into many categories, including skincare, haircare, and oral care. Each has its stringent requirements. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that each ingredient we provide perfectly matches the product’s consistency and application. Here is an overview of some of the areas where our materials are used in personal care and beauty products:

  • Skin Care – Maintaining consistent skin care can be complex. Dr. Paul Lohmann’s salts can help support, nurture, and provide specific properties to your skin.
  • Foot Care – Most foot care products focus on removing odors and reducing the formation of calluses. Specific salt blends can help consumers remove unwanted hardened skin.
  • Oral Care – Depending on the combination, mineral salt can help with bad breath, clean and remineralize your teeth, and even help remediate sensitive teeth. Our salts can help prevent the buildup of harmful oral bacteria while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Hair Care – Many hair care products focus on hair retention and growth. Our products can help restore damaged hair through their nutrients, and help in bleach & dye applications.

Benefits of Using Mineral Salts from DPL-US

We strive to create a consistent, high-quality product. The service we offer extends beyond development, production, and nationwide delivery. We work with our clients to help them optimize their products. Many of the mineral salts we create are identical to their natural counterparts and, therefore, can be used in natural cosmetics. Our products are advantageous because they can be manufactured with higher purity and quality without naturally occurring fluctuations. Additional benefits of using our Dr. Paul Lohmann salts include:

  • No products on the prohibited substance list
  • No animal testing
  • No carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic materials used
  • Not acquired through the use of nanomaterials
  • GMO-Free

Tailored Made for Cosmetic Products

No matter which product you are purchasing your mineral salt for, we guarantee ours will be of high purity and quality. We’ve ensured that each manufactured request conforms to the governing agency’s regulations. We provide only the best mineral salt possible as a company while working with our clients to support their product optimization. Contact us to find out how we can help create the best mineral salts for you.