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Leading Provider of Mineral Salts Nationwide

Reliable Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing from DPL-US

Based in Long Island, NY, DPL-US takes pride in being a leader in our industry and providing the highest quality mineral cell nutrients, downstream processing salts and excipients for biological API nationwide. Our biopharma services include highly purified, multi-compendia salts for upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical processes and use in medicines and vaccines. We ensure all of our clients are satisfied with the quality of our products. Purity is of the upmost importance in research and medicinal uses. American drug manufacturers develop and make the lion share of the world’s biological drugs. Therefore, our standards are set to meet all relevant international requirements and specifications. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about how we’ve become an industry leader and how our products could benefit you.

Meeting the Biopharma Demand

Our approach to biopharmaceutical manufacturing requires following highest standards. The raw materials we refine must meet the highest quality for upstream and downstream processes. These materials compromise culture media, buffer solutions, and other biopharma processing aids. We provide a wide range of organic and inorganic salts, including amino acid salts. Through our experience, expertise, and research into biopharma specifications, we developed DPL-BioPharm. DPL-BioPharm is our product created to consistently produce only the best quality mineral salt with strict parameters. Some parameters include the highest purity, residual solvent-free, non-GMO, and optimized for biopharmaceutical applications. Other ways you may benefit from our DPL-BioPharm mineral salts include:

  • Flexible Customized Quality Upgrades
  • Expert Support in Material Modification
  • Cell Culture and Buffering Blends
  • Low in Endotoxin Grade
  • Special Analytics, including proteolytic enzymes (e.g. RNase)
  • Specially Developed Product Specifications

Benefits of Using our Salts for use in biological process applications

Creating mineral salts for pharma and biopharma applications is our expertise. We’ve created an extensive range of flexible products to suit client specifications. The raw materials we make are used in both upstream and downstream processes. We strive to provide you with only the purest quality process salt  to meet your needs. Suppose you require a specific purity or need to modify an existing chemical or develop a new one only with demanding specifications. In that case, we can work with you to fulfill your needs. Our biopharmaceutical manufacturing process focuses on three outcomes best suited for your biopharmaceutical application, upstream, downstream, and serve/finish. Each production process brings about its own set of challenges. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we can navigate complicated requirements to create mineral salts catered to our client’s needs.

How our Salts Are Used in Vaccines

Salts are essential in vaccines’ efficiency and ability to protect against certain illnesses and diseases. Vaccines are made up of an active ingredient known as an antigen in addition to several excipients. These excipients are materials such as amino acids, proteins, and salts. The excipients help stabilize the antigen during processing, storage, and application. These salts often also act as an enhancement to support the pharmacological effect of the active ingredient or as a stabilizer. We provide the highest quality product and are a good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified manufacturer that offers consistent, traceable, and reliable results.

Fulfilling our Biopharma Promise

It’s essential for us to create a product of the highest quality possible. Depending on your needs and specifications, we can modify the chemical and physical properties and provide customized specs for our salts. We strive to work alongside our clients to optimize their products. Our scientists and technicians use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to push our existing formulas further and adapt them to an ever-changing market and world. Contact us to discuss how our salt products could help support your research or pharmaceutical project.