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Tailor-made Mineral Salts for Innovative Applications

Diagram of applications from DPL-US.
DC Granules

Directly compressible granules provide significant benefits for the production of medicines or dietary supplements in the form of tablets. The biggest advantage of these products is the significant cost savings in production eliminating the need for wet granulation during the manufacturing process. This allows the fast and economical production of tablets. Additonally our DC Granules can also be a great option for other dosage forms, such as sachets or stickpacks. “In a nutshell” the advantages of Dr. Paul Lohmann® DC Granules are:

  • Reduced production costs and time by sparing the wet-granulation.
  • Good tabletting properties, which help to reduce the quantity and cost of binding agents.
  • Good flowability and reduced agglomeration during transport and storage, which avoid additional processing costs.
  • Easy dosing, making “carriers” unnecessary, thus helping to save costs.
  • Reduced dust formation, therefore
  • Lower health risks at the workplace
    Reduced loss of raw material during processing
    Low-dust filling of sachets and sticks
    High compressibility at low compression forces for harder tablets
white mineral salt powder

Micronized mineral salts are recommended for use in various foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products due to their exceptionally fine particle structure. The organoleptic properties and homogeneity of the salts used in the application are significantly improved. In addition, the special particle structure can also improve the absorption of these minerals.

  • Improved dispersion behavior in suspensions, and consequently better homogeneity
  • Less sedimentation
  • Optimal sensory properties (no grittiness)
  • Potential enhancement of bioavailability
Graphic showing capsuling process.

Through a uniquely developed coating procedure, mineral salts are covered with a layer of vegetable fat. Thanks to this encapsulation technology, the mineral salts are enclosed in microcapsules, while maintaining their natural function.


The microencapsulation Microencapsulated Mineral Salts Triturations LomaSalt® The Tasty Way of Sodium Reduction! Premixes Besides pure mineral salts, Dr. Paul Lohmann® also offers mixtures of minerals. In these mixtures, mineral salts are optimally combined with regard to their particle size composition and stability. We will be pleased to work with you to develop tailored premixes for your applications. of mineral salts offers formulators considerable advantages: Ingredients, which are usually not considered for food fortification or for dietary supplements (e.g. highly bio-available ferrous sulfate that is highly reactive) can now be used without adverse sensory implications, such as, a strong metallic taste or changes in the product color.

  • Prevention of interactions with other components, e.g. fat oxidation
  • Excellent taste masking properties
  • Improved flowability and dosing control
  • High level of bioavailability and stomach tolerance due to a controlled release of the mineral within the digestive tract
  • Additional advantages of Micro2 Microencapsulated & micronized mineral salts
  • Smaller particle size (d90: approx. 300 μm)
  • Enlarged specific surface and therefore: Improved functionality (in liquid applications dispersible with reduced sedimentation) and improved bioavailability
Group 457

The Dr. Paul Lohmann® product portfolio contains several trace elements dissolved in inert carrier substances. These can be used to fortify foodstuffs and also in various dietary supplements.

  • Cost savings in the process because products can be used and processed directly
  • Easy dosing
  • Safe handling
  • Homogenous distribution of trace elements
  • Reduced toxicity
  • Odor-free
Photo of medicine and a syringe.
Low Endotoxins

Pharmaceutical manufacturers of preparations for infusion or injection are obliged to observe special regulations specified by the relevant pharmacopoeia and good manufacturing practices. We emphasize that our products are low in endotoxin content but not entirely free of endotoxins. Therefore, these products must be treated with special procedures prior to their use in finished pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical manufacturer must ensure that our products undergo special procedures and tests prior to being processed for infusion or injection preparations in order to induce their suitability for their intended purpose.

Mineral Salts low in Endotoxins

In order to help manufacturers of parenteral products comply with legal and quality requirements, Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers a range of mineral salts very low in endotoxins.

  • Solutions for injection
  • Solutions for infusion
  • Solutions for: – Dialysis – Peritoneal dialysis – Haemofiltrations
  • Ophthalmic preparations
Low Heavy Metal Content mineral.
Low Heavy Metal Content

The EU has defined limit values for lead, cadmium and mercury, which cannot be exceeded in dietary supplements in Europe:

  • Lead (max. 3.0 mg/kg)
  • Cadmium (max. 1.0 mg/kg)
  • Mercury (max. 0.1 mg/kg)

To ensure that the final products do not exceed the legally defined maximum for these heavy metals, Dr. Paul Lohmann® offers a wide variety of mineral salts with particularly low levels of these substances.

  • Simplified compliance with the increasingly stricter standards on limit values for heavy metal content in dietary supplements
  • Controlled low lead, cadmium and mercury levels
  • Complete traceability through reliably documented processes
Food additive in powder form.
Low Aluminum Content

The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee for Food Additives (JECFA) has determined a new maximum limit for the weekly intake of aluminium, which is now 1 mg aluminium per kilogram of body weight.

Dr. Paul Lohmann® has the production know-how to offer a variety of mineral compounds as e.g. Calcium Citrates or Calcium Phosphates with a tightly controlled, low content of aluminium.

These products are particularly suitable to be used in food or pharmaceutical applications.

  • Infant and baby food
  • Dietary supplements for children
  • Dietetic foodstuffs • Medicine

Being able to meet your exact specifications in custom products is essential, so we will modify various physical and chemical parameters to adapt them to your needs. We offer a range of over 400 different salts in a total of 7000 different specifications – so chances are, if you want it, we can provide it. DPL-US also provides special packaging to meet your customized requirements.

  • GMP and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified production sites
  • Products in compliance with the most relevant pharmacopeias (Ph.Eur., USP, BP), food codices (FCC, E-numbers, etc.) and customer-specific requirements
  • Regulatory documentation (CEP, ASMF, etc.)
  • Tailor-made and innovative solutions for customer questions
  • Joint product and application development together with our customers

Besides pure mineral salts, Dr. Paul Lohmann® also offers mixtures of minerals. In these mixtures, mineral salts are optimally combined with regard to their particle size composition and stability. We will be pleased to work with you to develop tailored premixes for your applications.

LomaSalt® The Tasty Way of Sodium Reduction!

Our LomaSalt® products are ideal sodium-reduced replacements for table salt.