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Experience the Benefit of Lohtragon Nationwide

Utilize DPL-US’s Specialty Mineral Salts

Our dedication to providing high-performance mineral salts and creating a range of products for industrial applications comes together with Lohtragon. Lohtragon is our propriety brand of metal salt designed for various applications such as additives, energy, surface treatment, construction chemicals, chemical synthesis, glass, ceramics & pigments, and more nationwide. We established this specialty mineral salt to be diverse while meeting individual applications to provide our clients maximum performance and value. Contact us to talk to one of our experts to help you select the right formula for your product. Our team looks forward to working with you to optimize your end goal while creating a product ideally suited to your needs.

Dr. Paul Lohmann’s Commitment to Quality

Our years of experience as forerunners in metal salts manufacturing have enabled us to create a highly controlled and sophisticated process. The constant high purity of our metal salts helps guarantee a specific chemical behavior and reliability, regardless of how many batches we manufacture. This allows us to adapt and alter the properties of the specialized mineral salts to support the intended purpose, thus allowing us to provide our clients with controlled, high-quality products with batch-to-batch consistency. To help control and guarantee the quality, we created and continue to follow a seven-step manufacturing process:

  • Incoming Goods – We use only trusted and qualified suppliers for our starting materials.
  • Initial Reactions – For us, the water quality used is a crucial contributor to the purity of the final product.
  • Crystallization – Solid formation by precipitation from water solution. This step is repeated throughout the entire process to ensure the highest quality.
  • Purification – Various purification steps are utilized during the manufacturing process. Our goal is to improve the product quality further.
  • Evaporating & Drying – Our process uses approximately 15 different drying methods.
  • Finishing – Exact steps are followed to ensure consistent, high-quality materials.
  • Outgoing Goods – We conduct several control parameters tests before we send the product to our clients. All of this is to assure our clients that their product is covered and supported.

What are the Best Applications for Lohtragon?

The Lohtragon product line includes over 40 different cations and anions to create solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. The specialized mineral salts we offer have a proven ability to either optimize your product or act as a springboard to more comprehensive, more complicated solutions. The flexibility of our Lohtragon makes it ideal for pharma, biopharma, and construction applications. Here is a look at some of the more common applications of our mineral salts:

  • Cross-Applications –PH control, flame retardants, and odor control.
  • Special Applications – Lubricants, home care & cleaning chemicals, medical products, crop protection, water purification, and fire safety.
  • Polymer Additives – Acid scavengers, flame retardants, antistatic additives, antioxidants/light stabilizers, nucleating and clarifying agents, blowing agents, crosslinking agents, and moisture control.
  • Energy – Thermal energy storage, battery energy storage, biogas production, and oil & gas production
  • Surface Treatment – Metal pickling, electroplating, and tribology.
  • Construction Industry – Admixtures for cement, chromate-reducing agents in cement, retarders for gypsum, and crystal morphology modifiers for gypsum.
  • Chemical Synthesis – Catalysis and auxiliary materials for chemical synthesis.
  • Glass, Ceramics & Pigments – Coloring of glass and ceramics, and precursors for glass, ceramics & pigments.

Discover Our Customized Mineral Salts

Beyond the standard product range of Lohtragon, our expertise in metal mineral salt manufacturing allows our clients to request custom specifications. It also includes the ability to develop new products with remarkable properties. We combine our years of knowledge and ingenuity in chemistry to produce modifications to our products chemical and physical properties to meet your requirements. Contact us to work with our team to help you develop your specialized mineral salt.