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November COVID-19 Update

November COVID-19 UpdateTo our Valued Customers and Business Partners:

Dear Business Partner / Customer,

As there is ongoing uncertainty caused by Coronavirus, we realize the severe impact this outbreak can and, in
many cases, will have on our economies and business situations.

The Dr. Paul Lohmann Company (DPL), is cautious about the resilience and financial stability of some of the
sales markets for our products. We understand, some of you, our valued customers, may have similar
concerns about your suppliers, and there with the supply chain security for all the raw materials that you
depend on.

We want to take a moment in order to update you on the situation at DPL & DPL US.
DPL has been granted status of “essential manufacturing business”, manufacturing continuously since the
beginning of the outbreak in order to serve the various needs caused by the public health crisis.
In addition to providing essential supplies to the pharmaceutical and food industries, DPL also provides
indispensable supplies and services to the diagnostic industry and engages in the industrial scale production of
hand-sanitizers to support the public health system. Nothing has changed in our organization between end of
first wave and today’s situation.

Up to this point, there have been no Covid-19 related disruptions of the supply chain for DPL. Moving forward,
we may have to ask some of our customers for additional patience while we adjust our production capacity to
the significantly increased demand for our products. While we are working on further increasing our
production output, please be re-assured that our financial situation is fundamentally solid and our credit
rating is prime. Our customers’ materials supplies remain as secure as they have been in the last 134 years of
DPL’s existence.

At this time, we are not completing customer Covid related questionnaires; however, we remain at your
disposal for any further questions. We are very much looking forward growing the business with our
customers even further in the future.


Uwe Guenther, Managing Director Dr Paul Lohmann, Torsten Cuno, Managing Director Dr Paul Lohmann,
Thierry ROULET, Head of Dr Paul Lohmann North American Operations