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The Versatility of Magnesium Carbonate

The Versatility of Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate is one of DPLs core product lines.  The range of Magnesium Carbonate products produced is astounding and includes many variants meeting multiple compendia.  Characteristics like bulk density, granularity, compressibility, particle size, etc. as well as the level of microbial activity, endotoxin, heavy metals, etc. can be manipulated and/or controlled to impart different performance attributes and introduce the possibility for interesting label claims.

Magnesium Carbonate is extremely versatile and plays a key role in a wide range of applications – everything from industrial products like fertilizers, pigments, rubber and glass to food, nutritional supplements, medications and personal care products.  As a process aid, it’s also used as a pH adjuster, inert flow agent, bulking agent, formulation stabilizer, heat insulator, etc. Occurring in nature as the mineral Magnesite, Magnesium Carbonate can be produced artificially by the action of carbon dioxide on a magnesium compound. This process results in an odorless, white powder. Another interesting fact is that Magnesium Carbonate was the original additive used to make table salt free-flowing, even in high-humidity conditions.

Working in close collaboration with all their customers

With such a wide variety of industrial applications, it’s surprising that Magnesium Carbonate is also an important nutrient for human health. It is essential for the development of normal muscles, teeth and bones, the nervous system, and in protein synthesis. And, when used as a medication, Magnesium Carbonate is used to prevent and treat stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion, or in situations when there is a low amount of magnesium in the blood, resulting from a poor diet, alcoholism, or poorly controlled diabetes.

Dr. Paul Lohmann® has an extensive line of Magnesium products for use in cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and foods. Working in close collaboration with all their customers, they regularly develop new products and procedures, giving clients an opportunity to work side-by-side at their plant in Emmerthal, Germany.

With a flexible, innovative spirit, DPL responds to the changing needs of their business partners and clients, creating new solutions for modern manufacturing.