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Test tubes for mineral salts ready for products.
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Mineral Salts for Innovative Applications


Tailor-made Mineral Salts for Innovative Applications. Over 136 Years of Excellence High-Value Mineral Salts Manufactured by Dr. Paul Lohmann

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing, in comparison to traditional pharmaceutical production, requires a very different and demanding approach. Therefore, both biopharmaceutical upstream and downstream processes define highest standards on raw materials. These raw materials comprise culture media, buffer solutions and other process aids.

Meeting these standards, Dr. Paul Lohmann®, with more than 130 years expertise in salts manufacturing, offers a specially developed high-purity biopharma grade for a broad range of organic and inorganic salts.

Nutritional supplements play an increasingly important role in the industrialized nations. Growing awareness of health, the vital function of a healthy, sporty and active lifestyle and, last but not least, demographic change affecting many layers of society and involving far-reaching changes, mean that practically all social classes frequently turn to food supplements.

Personal care products for personal hygiene, personal care, cosmetics and oral hygiene contain a diverse range of mineral salts.

The different tasks they perform are numerous: mineral salts are used as humectants, skincare agents, keratolytic agents and buffers. They control a product’s viscosity, preserve it or act as antiperspirants and deodorants.

Lohtragon® stands for unique competences in manufacturing, optimizing and developing high performance metal salts for a broad variety of industrial market segments.

Lohtragon® leverages the Dr. Paul Lohmann® manufacturing expertise and is designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications.

Careful consideration is given to customer requirements and we work closely together with our partners to design products with specific chemical and physical properties to meet those needs. We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and product analytical tools to back up our technical support.

High-Value Mineral Salts Manufactured by Dr. Paul Lohmann
Biopharma scientists working in our lab.
Sodium Selenite
Sodium Selenite
Product ID
powder; approx. 45.5 % Se; approx. 26.5 % Na; Ph.Eur.
M 172.94 g/mol

Keep well closed, dry and at room temperature

36 months
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